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Certificate Course 

Live, Instructor led
classroom sessions!

Minimum 10 years old
Need Minimum 6 for class

9-5 Sundays
$50 per adult
$25 for under 18 & Veterans

Salvation Army
Ewing Community Ctr
124 Saltonstall St
Canandaigua, NY 14424

Sun Feb 11 2024, 9-5
Sun Mar 10 2024, 9-5
Sun Apr 14  2024, 9-5

Sun May  5 2024, 9-5
Sun Jun  9  2024, 9-5
Sun Jul  14  2024, 9-5
Sun Aug 11 2024, 9-5
Sun Sep 15 2024, 9-5
Sun Oct 13 2024, 9-5
Sun Nov TBD 2024, 9-5
Dec 2023: NO CLASS

NEW: New York Parks Registration Required:

Click HERE to go to New York State Parks Boating Education site! Or load the URL below into your browser.

If you have already registered with New York State, then please just go directly to PAYMENT below/left and pay for your course.  
If you have arrived here first, you must remember to go to the New York State site and register there! Pay here now or later.


Boating safely begins with knowledge

This site is devoted to offering knowledge and information about boating safely.  Everyone operating any vessel on any waterway is responsible for their own safety and asuring that they do not endanger others sharing the same waterway.  Paddlecraft or motorboats, large ships or seaplanes all share common rules to avoid collisions and other disasters.  In these pages you will find answers to your questions and courses of instruction to help you gain the needed knowledge.  More information will be added in time!
Captain Holger Stave
U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Licenses 100 ton
New Yourk State Public Vessel Master
New Yourk State Safe Boating Instructor
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Instructor

Boater Safety Course
Boater Safety Course

New York State Safe Boating certificate course is offered every month at the Salvation Army Community Center, 124 Saltonstall St in Canandaigua on Sundays from 9-5 per the schedule on the left.
Call 585-469-8470 for more information

The Boating Safety Course is taught by a US Coast Guard licensed 100ton Captain who also holds a New York State Master License as a Captain of the Canandaigua Lady.
The Boating Safety Course is taught in a real classroom. 
A completely contact-less course is offered by the USCG Auxiliary at
Please bring your lunch and beverage.
Courses may be requested by troops, ships, venture crews, clubs, businesses and organizations at their locations.
Please email for fees at At least six participants are required for this option.

Who needs a boating safety certificate?
Anyone operating a Personal Watercraft (JetSki™, Wave Runner™, etc.) must have a boating safety certificate, and be at least 14 years of age or older.
Under a new law, known as Brianna's Law, all motor boat operators:

  • Born on or after Jan. 1, 1983 will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2023.
  • Born on or after Jan. 1, 1978 will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2024.
  • All motor boat operators regardless of age will need a boating safety certificate beginning in 2025.

Everyone, regardless of age or experience, will be required to be in posession of the NASBLA approved Boating Safety Certificate by 2025 when operating any mechanically powered vessel on NYS waters.  The phasing in schedule is on the HOME page.
A $10 fee is required for anyone 18 years old and over for the certificate application to NYS Parks & Rec upon successful completion of the course.


Boating Skills and Seamanship
Boating Skills and Seamanship

Boating skills include knot tying, chart reading, use of the compass, navigation, use of GPS devices, weather forecasting, boat handling, man overboard procedure, docking skills, crossing waves and wakes, marine radio protocols, licensing, just to name a few.  
Instruction in any of these disciplines is available in group or individual sessions. 
Classes will be added to this section as the year progresses.

For individual lessons or group instruction please call Captain Stave at 585-469-8470 or email


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About us

A very large amount of credit for the training and skills, information and knowledge offered on this site goes to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Captain Stave has trained and worked in that volunteer arm of the US Coast Guard for 8 years.  

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